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EIT for charity: northern Italy earthquake

Photo by Guiccio @fogscientist

In the second half of May, northern Italy was hit by a series of earthquakes of considerable magnitude.

The most affected area is the region of Emilia Romagna, between Modena and Ferrara, where many monuments, schools, public buildings and even factories have collapsed, leading to today, May 31, to these numbers of casualties: at least 24 people killed, about 350 people injured, about 14000 evacuee, without considering the incalculable damage to the historical, artistic and cultural heritage.

The earthquakes and the collapses go on as the number of displaced people increases: just when people were going to return to their homes after days in the tents, there has been another earthquake (May 29), that caused new victims and the collapse of buildings already damaged from the previous one and also a lot of fear, especially for those who had at last spent their first night at home. The nightmare never seems to end.

The EtsyItaliaTeam wants to contribute by donating the beautiful creations of its members for sale in its charity shop. The proceeds will be donated to region of Emilia Romagna that can use them where necessary to help.
We are also considering other organizations and depending on the proceeds we will donate for other projects.
If you are an EtsyItalia team member and you want to donate an item for the charity shop, just follow these instructions.

Update: May 30 - 27 sold items, near 300€ revenue to donate (net of Etsy and PayPal taxes).
Update: May 31 - 42 sold items, 450€ revenue to donate (net of Etsy and PayPal taxes).

We thank every crafter and artist who donated their works with such generosity, every person who bought from the EIT shop and every and each kind soul who's spreading the word about this. Grazie! :)

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